Synthetic Organs

We push the limits of scientific knowledge every day. We challenge the limits of science every day. We advance in conquering science every day. Every minute, something new is discovered. It’s on us to figure out whether or not it makes difference in our world. We solve, and think, converse, and debate, even challenge the teachings and discoveries of philosophers of the Enlightenment Age. We envision the future in our dreams, eager to make it come alive.

We live in a world where medical breakthroughs mean as much as saving a life. We dedicate ourselves to help others in their time of need.

Here, we hope to help you understand the concept of artificial organs, a much valued breakthrough in the scientific society. From backgrounds to controversies surrounding research, we’ve got it all.

(Below): Artificial organs and limbs placed throughout Da Vinci's The Vitruvian Man. Also

demonstrates a spoof of the modern man.

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Made by: Fler Feldman, Diana Raileanu, and Taylor Ackerman: El Camino Fundamental High School

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